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FINA World 25m Swimming Championships - NZ Day 5 Wrap

Listen to the audio interview with Lauren Boyle in a wrap to the FINA World Short Course Championships.

New world champion Lauren Boyle is excited about her future in swimming after her double medal haul at the FINA World short Course Swimming Championships in Turkey this week.

She finished eighth in the final of the 200m freestyle on the last day of the meet today after breaking the New Zealand record in the heats earlier in the day.

The North Shore swimmer, coached by Mark Regan, clocked 1:55.40, just over a second under the previous record set by backstroke star Melissa Ingram in 1:56.32 in 2008.

Boyle said that she had treated the morning heat like a final as her best chance of qualifying and had nothing left in the tank in the evening.

With victory in the 800m freestyle and third place in the 400m freestyle, the 25 year old is buoyed by her performances in Turkey.

“I am really excited again. I am really happy with how things have gone over the last five days,” Boyle said.

“I am still a fair way off world records so it’s possible to improve more. I am happy with the improvements I have made. It is not going to be easy to improve from here but I am still very motivated and determined to improve and I am excited to keep swimming to see how good I can get.”

Boyle believes that while the longer distances are her target, getting faster is also important.

“I am pretty competitive worldwide in the 800 and 400 but at the same time improving my 200 time will help my speed for the 400 and in turn the 800 too.

“I have developed my speed which was a big plus this week as I did not know I could go that well in the 800. But at the same time I’ve learned from the 400 where I did not do as well as I wanted that I need to make sure I can still back up after a big race.”

Success has also created other challenges.

“Learning to cope with all the things out of the pool is a big part. This week I was drug tested every night, sometimes urine and blood tests. I was getting back to the hotel at midnight and 1am, and then eating meals late after that but getting up very early the next day to prepare for the heats.

“I have struggled a bit with this. There are definitely things to juggle at big meets. If you get a medal you can’t warm down until you have done that and your media, and you have to report to drug testing before you go to the pool so it all takes a lot of time that you have not prepared for.”

Boyle will enjoy Christmas before setting her sights for 2013.

“I will have a few days out of regular training to freshen up my mind until after Christmas and then be motivated to be back in the pool. The target will be to prepare for the world championships in the middle of the year in Barcelona.”

In other swims Ingram, 27, was 15th fastest in the 200m freestyle in 1:57.38, producing her best time of the year to complete a strong championship for the veteran North Shore swimmer, coached by Scott Talbot.

Earlier Howick Pakuranga’s Corey Main was 17th fastest in heats of the men’s 200m backstroke in 1:54.70, to be a fraction outside his best with the top eight through to the evening finals.

The team return to New Zealand on Wednesday with two medals, six finals and four national records.

Day 5 results:

Women 200m freestyle: Allison Schmitt (USA) 1:53.59, 1; Katinka Hosszu (HUN) 1:54.31, 2; Melanie Costa Schmid (ESP) 1A:54.45, 3. Also: Lauren Boyle (NZL) 1:57.27, 8.

Men 1500m freestyle: Mads Glaesner (DEN) 14:30.01, 1; Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 14:31.13, 2; Pal Joensen (FAR) 14:36.93, 3. Also: Matt Stanley 15:17.20, 26.

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