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2014 Prime Minister’s Scholarship Recipients Announced

Swimming New Zealand is delighted to announce that 16 swimmers have been awarded Prime Minister Scholarships for 2014.

The purpose of the scholarship is to enable emerging and talented SNZ swimmers to concurrently pursue tertiary study and elite level sport development. The programme supports the achievement of tertiary and vocational qualifications while pursuing excellence in sport.

The scholarship provides a financial contribution to academic fees, living allowance, and access to the Athlete Life Programme which provides education and career advice to assist recipients to effectively manage their lives in the pursuit of excellence.

The Scholarship Programme is managed by HPSNZ on behalf of the Government. Scholarships are aligned to HPSNZ High Performance Strategy 2013-2020, and Scholarship outcomes must positively impact HPSNZ’s Vision.

Swimming New Zealand would like to thank HPSNZ for their ongoing support of our athletes.

Scholarship recipients for 2014 are: Bradlee Ashby, Cameron Blair, Lauren Boyle, Shaun Burnett, Nathan Capp, Dylan Dunlop-Barrett, Natasha Hind, Abbie Johnston, Gareth Kean, Steven Kent, Samantha Lee, Samantha Lucie-Smith, Emma Robinson, George Schroder, Glenn Snyders, and Matthew Stanley.

Gold Scholarships have been awarded to: Daniel Bell, Melissa Ingram, and Danyon Loader.