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A message to ALL athletes from Drug Free Sport NZ warning about an ingredient found in supplements called ‘Higenamine’. It is banned in sport both in and out of competition.

This particular substance can be called one of 20 different names on supplements labels (if it’s labelled at all) and like in Australia, more and more of our athletes are testing positive for it.

Athelets need to remember that NO supplements are endorsed by DFSNZ or WADA due to their risk factors.

View this video featuring Eliza McCartney, Chiefs player Chase Tiatia and All Black Nate Harris on the general risks about supplements.

Athletes are advised to be very careful using supplements as the industry is largely unregulated (which means that manufacturers can put anything into the supplement).

Recent studies have shown that some producers fill their supplements with concrete dust and they’re manufactured in someone’s bathtub.

DFSNZ offer a Supplement Check on our website where anyone can fill in the details and we will reply with a risk factor. www.drugfreesport.org.nz/supplement-check