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The Epic Swim is only 24 days away and this week 2017 Men's NZ Open Water Champion Matt Scott brings you his best tips on keeping your cool in choppy waters. #EpicSwim2018


It takes time and practice which is why swimming in different conditions is extremely important. 

Don’t try and fight through the swells that’s the worst thing you could do. Relax and get in time with the ocean. 

Sometimes this requires one long stroke as you are going into a chop then a faster stroke as you fall down the back of the chop. 

Try and sight at the top of a wave/chop. If you try and sight at the bottom you’re just going to get a mouthful of water as the next wave hits you in the face. 

At the top you are able to see more which makes sighting more effective and this could mean swimming a straighter line which reduces the distance swam. 

Being prepared for anything conditions and any sinario that may take place is a huge advantage.


Things happen whether this is getting smacked in the face to chocking on water. Don’t let this get in your head. 

You are swimming very close to a number of other swimmer’s and things happen that may make you panic. 

Just relax, assess what happened and take the action needed to fix the problem. This may be adjusting your goggles or rolling on your back to get a couple of deep breaths. Panicking will only make it worse. Just think ok that happened lets fix this.

Keep up the EPIC. training. Next week at look at tips around NUTRITION, which is always tricky around the holiday season.

- Matt Scott.

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