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The New Zealand Swimming Trust Grants

The New Zealand Swimming Trust grants have reached a new level! In a normal year the grants have on average been $19,000. This year the Trust has approved grants of $26,500.

Recipients of the Trust grants are Natalie Wiegersma, Cara Baker, Andrew McMillan, Carl O’Donnell, Samantha Lucie-Smith, Kane Radford, Samantha Richter, Hayley Palmer, Nathan Capp, Jeffrey Arona-Tuifana’e, Ewan Jackson, Mitchell Donaldson, Shaun Burnett, Nielsen Varoy, Matthew Hutchins, Natasha Lloyd, Emma Robinson, Cory Main, Charlotte Webby, Jonathon Pullon, Eric Kahr, Mary Fisher, Amber Stackpole, Jessica Marston, and Casey Glover.

The Trust congratulates the successful recipients and offers condolences to those not successful this year. Out of a total of 38 applicants 25 received grants.

The Trust would dearly love to help more athletes and wishes to impress on all clubs and regions the importance membership makes to the level of grant being able to be made. Subscriptions are paid into the capital fund of the Trust and it is Trust policy to only make payments from interest earned from the capital. This allows the fund to continue to grow. At present the Trust Investment Fund sits at $273,000. Most years we receive approximately $2500 from subscriptions. However there are still many clubs and a number of regions that have not yet become members.