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The start of something extraordinary


The powerful St Peters Western Swimming Club (SPW) in Australia has been joined by a quartet of kiwis for the foreseeable future, Michael Pickett, Xavier Hill, Tarquin Magner and Eve Thomas.

SPW have in the last few years regularly won Australian Age Team of the Year as well as placing swimmers in numerous national teams, producing outstanding international results. The club (SPW) again have flexed their collective muscle at the annual QLD State Sprint Swimming Championships, held at the Chandler Aquatic Centre this past weekend.

The club have revealed their intent early this season, with a strong showing led by one of their own, Gisborne swimmer, Michael Pickett.

Pickett, 15, now coached by kiwi expat John Gatfield, broke the Queensland all-comers age record held by Kyle Chalmers in the pool yesterday.

With a seed time of 23.74, Pickett swum a time of 23.21 to win Gold in the 50m freestyle, which is also under the NZ age record time of 23.55 previously held by Orinoco Fa’amausili Banse-Prince. Pickett swam 25.60 at the same Queensland sprint champs in to win the 15 yo 50m Butterfly, which is also under the NZ age record time of 25.91.

NZ had a strong showing across a range of events at the championships with medals come from Xavier Hill (17yo 50 Breaststroke, Silver – 30.50), Tarquin Magner (13 yo 50 Freestyle, Silver – 25.90 and 50 Backstroke, Silver – 29.11) and recently selected NZ Commonwealth Games athlete, competing for Brisbane Grammar School - Laticia Transom (50 Freestyle Open, Gold 26.55).


Thank you to John Gatfield (SPW) for submitting the article via St Peters Western Swimming Club.