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2019 Australian State Team Championships

2019 Australian State Teams Championships

4 - 6 October 2019. Canberra, Australia

The 2019 State Teams Championships is a short course meet and will be held at the Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra from the 4th to the 6th of October 2019. The event is a team based competition, in which state teams go head-to-head in a variety of individual and relay events to score points for their state.

The following swimmers, have been selected to attend the 2019 Australian State Teams Championships Tour in September/October 2019

 Boys 14-15  Currently coached by:  Club
Tarquin Magner John Gatfield Evolution / St Peters Western
Thomas Wilkinson Tai Daniela & Mike Lee Evolution
Sam Brown Aidan Withington Capital
Zach Knowles Huia Mikara Waitaha
James Currie Peter Burgon Jasi
Bowen Crowford Paul Kent MAGs
Andy Cheong Tim Holden/Ryan Skinner NSS
James Donovan Nick Salmon Coast
 Boys 16-17    
Joshua Amyes Daniel Bell Tasman Swim Club
Cameron Gray Tim Holden/Ryan Skinner NSS
Ben Littlejohn Graham Smith St Pauls
Bronson Lloyd Gary Hurring
Taiko Torepe-Ormsby Martin Harris Wharanui
Orlando Cristobal-Mandel Aidan Withington Capital
Angus Kelliher Brigitte Mahan North Canterbury
Joseph Stewart Steve Francis Pirates
Sam Poching Tim Holden/Ryan Skinner NSS
 Girls 13-14    
Liv Peebles Sandra Burrows TBSS
Hannah Huria Jon Winter Raumati
Lucy Bartlett Stan Teokotai- White Mt. Maunganui Swim Club
Talitha McEwan Tai Daniela & Mike Lee Evolution
Zoe Crawford Michelle Kinney NSS
Melissa Cowen Michelle Kinney NSS
Summer Osborne Michelle Kinney NSS
Hope Chmiel Todd Mason Vikings
Grace Baik Igor Polianski United
Tess Whineray Sandra Burrows TBSS
 Girls 15-16    
Laura Littlejohn Graham Smith St Pauls
Aimee Crosbie Igor Polianski United
Molly Shivnan Stan Teokotai - White Mt Maunganui
Tyler Finau Matt Martin Enterprise
Bree Middleton Shane Jones Ashburton
Lucy McKinnon Sandra Burrows TBSS
Erin Metcalfe Sue Southgate Aquabladz
Jenna Rolston - Larking Aidan Withington Capital
Coaching and Team Management
Jana Wilkitzki Head Coach
Daniel Bell Team Coach
Kurt Crosland Team Coach
John Gatfield Team Coach
Graham Smith Team Coach
Emma Robinson Team Manager
Mark O'Connor Team Manager