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Moana Pool celebrates 50 years

The pool that was home to some of New Zealand’s swimming greats will celebrate its golden jubilee this Friday.

Moana Pool in Dunedin was the training ground for a number of Dunedin champions including Olympic medal winner Danyon Loader and his legendary coach, the late Duncan Laing.

The pool was also home to Paralympic medallist Jenny Newstead and Commonwealth Games medallist Dave Gerrard.

To celebrate the anniversary an image exhibition showcasing the opening of the pool 50 years ago will be launched this Friday 14 November. Then on Sunday, 16 November from 10am-12 noon the city is invited to a cool pool party with some brand new inflatables, coffee and ice-cream, prizes, entertainment, music and good times for the whole family.

Moana Pool replaced the Moray Place 1914 Tepid Pools, which closed as population pressure became too much. After much debate during the 1950s on what the new facility would look like and where it would be built, the site in the Townbelt was decided upon. The pool cost £450,000 to build and took its name from the site where the old Moana Tennis Club had been located previously.

Moana Pool was ahead of its time when it was finished. It quickly gained a reputation for being one of the best pools in the Southern Hemisphere as it was architecturally designed to take advantage of natural light and undergo upgrades and additions without having to adjust the core structure.

The facility has changed over its 50 years expanding from its original design of a main pool and dive pool to incorporate more activities and facilities.

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