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Choice Hotels

Receive 15% off the daily rate when booking at one of the Choice Hotel Group locations across Australia or New Zealand.

o receive the discount book via one of the following options:

Book via one of the options below:

1. www.ChoiceHotels.co.nz/login/00106630

2. Call: 0800 907 187

3. Email: sports@choicehotels.co.nz

4. Or enter 00106630 into the Choice Hotels homepage Choicehotels.co.nz


Swimming New Zealand Shop

Receive 10% off a number of items available on the SNZ Shop when you log in using your MyPage details.

If you need assistance with setting up or remembering your MyPage login please contact your club.

Avis Rental Cars

Receive a 5% discount from Avis off their best daily rates. 

Use the discount code J989203 when booking on www.avis.co.nz.