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SNZ National Squads and Info 2021_2022




How to Apply?


1. Read the National Programme Info linked above.

2. Ensure you check your times as per the able bodied and Para standards linked above

3. Download the excel document (Athlete Passport and Coach application form)

ONCE YOU HAVE THE 'ATHLETE PASSPORT' EXCEL DOCUMENT YOU MUST DOWNLOAD IT AND SAVE A COPY TO YOUR OWN COMPUTER FIRST - THEN FILL IT OUT. If you dont dfo this you will be unable to complete it. If you struggle with this email amanda@swimming.org.nz and you will be emailed a copy.

4. Read all of the tabs on the Athlete Passport

5. Complete 2 tabs - Application and IDP

6. Any questions? Email Alastair@swimming.org.nz or amanda@swimming.org.nz

7. You Coach needs to endorse your application

8. The deadline for submission is Friday 7th May.

Start it now! Get your Coach's endorsement now rather than waiting until after NAGS.

9. Finally – submit your application to Alastair@swimming.org.nz

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