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Standard Forms

Downloadable national competition template forms are available for use for local and regional competitions.



Reference Cards


Updated 18 May 2015



FINA Rules


Updated 15 February 2015


Print this document back to back, fold and cut and you will have two sets of the FINA Rules in a handy small pocket size.



Withdrawal Form


Updated 18 May 2015



Penalty Form


Updated 15 Feburary 2015



Disqualification Form


Updated 18 May 2015



Relay Entry Form

Updated 15 February 2015



Protest Form


Updated 15 February 2015


Referee's Reminders

Updated 18 May 2015



Lap Counters


25m Start End 8 Lane


25m Turn End 8 Lane


25m Start End 10 Lane


25m Turn End 10 Lane


50m Start End 8 Lane


50m Turn End 8 Lane


50m Start End 10 Lane


50m Turn End 10 Lane