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Learn To Swim

“Learning to swim has a range of benefits such as improved health and fitness, but these benefits can be even more relevant to those with an impairment. Swimming is great for people of all ages and it is never too late to learn.

Other benefits swimming can offer are:

  •          Fosters physical fitness and motor skill development;
  •          Improved confidence and comfort in and around the water;
  •          Ease from tight or painful joints and tendons thanks to water buoyancy.


There is funding available through the Halberg Foundation’s Activity Fund for those 21-years-old or under. The Halberg Foundation is an organisation our National Para Swimming Development Coordinator works closely with to enable a transition and pathway from the learning to swim space into the regular swimming in the community. To find out more about the Activity Fund click here. (https://halbergactive.co.nz/activity-fund-grants/)


The Halberg Foundation is able to help find you a swim school, or you can use Swimming New Zealand's Find a Quality Swim School to locate your nearest learn to swim provider.”