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XLR8 Programme

XLR8 is a motivational programme developed by Swimming New Zealand where swimmers score points across a combination of events and are ranked nationally on their performances. The programme recognises versatility and all-round ability, rewarding correct application of the processes necessary for long term athlete development.

Swimming New Zealand awards the top XLR8 swimmers bi-monthly in the following age categories: 10 & Under, 11 years, 12 years, 13 years and 14 years.  These athletes receive a personalised XLR8 certificate (AQUABLACK teams) and XLR8 cap.

The most recent XLR8 award winners for March/April 2017 can be found below:


10 & Under Mar/April Alexandra Campion PARAK 3514 pts
11 Years Mar/April Savanna Bourke STPWK 3205 pts
12 Years Mar/April Tyler Finau ENTHP 4073 pts
13 Years Mar/April Erika Fairweather NEPOT 3991 pts
14 Years Mar/April Georgina McCarthy HILWK 3918 pts
10 & Under Mar/April Matthew Bruning HUNWK 3198 pts
11 Years Mar/April Mathew Peacock STPWK 2929 pts
12 Years Mar/April Alessandro Esposito CAPWN 3342 pts
13 Years Mar/April Ryan Oliver HPKCO 3619 pts
14 Years Mar/April

Sungju Kim

NSSAK 3724 pts


To measure a swimmer's performance, SNZ recommend using XLR8 point scoring for swimmers aged 14 years and under, and FINA point scoring for swimmers age 15 years and over.


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Yearly Top XLR8ers

Swimming New Zealand identifies and recognizes the outstanding achievements of those swimmers who deliver the highest cumulative XLR8 scores based on best performances during the calendar year within a single age category. These are SNZ's Top XLR8ers.

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Previous XLR8 Award Winners

This section includes pdf's of XLR8 award winners from 2007 onwards

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